Pyser-SGI Limited


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Pyser-SGI is a privately owned British Company whose origins date back to 1848.

Nowadays it comprises 3 Divisions, manufacturing cutting edge Electro-optical products into the defence and security, research, education and broadcast fields.

Our corporate headquarters is in the South East of England, and comprises three world class operating divisions, each serving its own market sector. Every division acts as an autonomous business unit backed by the financial resources of the group as a whole, our two UK manufacturing sites, our sales subsidiary company in Singapore and by the suppliers of the resale products we select.

Customer care and satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. This we achieve by virtue of technological leadership, quality of technical assistance, and total commitment to pre-sales and after-sales service.

All areas of our operations are fully accredited to ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance standards.

Pyser-SGI Limited Trading Divisions

Defence & Security

Manufactures and supplies to NATO and non NATO Armed Forces, Special Forces and Law Enforcement agencies throughout the world.

Manufactured items include:

MUNSTI & TISI thermal weapon sights, VISI hand held thermal imaging long range surveillance system, and PNP-MTHD thermal imaging monoculars, PNP-M hand held/helmet/head mounted image intensified night vision monoculars and PNG-M image intensified goggles; PNP-MC image intensified monoculars for photographic/video evidence gathering: PNP-MS image intensified red dot weapon sights and clip-on in-line PNP-MUNS universal image intensified long range weapon sights; gyro-stabilised day and night vision binoculars and conventional military binoculars.

Small arms collimators, M-73 and M-88 prismatic compasses, NATO survival compasses, PROMS 2 Portable Rapid-deployment Observation and Monitoring Systems for long distance day and night surveillance; DANOS 2 day and night observation systems; Tricam and Bicam day/night vision surveillance camera systems and covert Vertigo cameras; Mini TIU3 thermal imaging cameras


Specialist design and manufacture of reticles, optical gratings, calibration standards, TEM grids, resolution charts, precision apertures and custom-made products for the defence, industrial measurement, microscopy, imaging, instrumentation and metrology markets. Manufacture of optical inspection, microscope and measurement instruments, sold into various markets ranging from higher education to research and quality control laboratories on a global scale.

Broadcast & CCTV Lenses

Fujinon offer the widest range of TV lenses & accessories for HDTV broadcast, cine productions, including the latest 4K imaging, as well as professional video and teleconference lenses. Pyser-SGI Limited is one of the longest serving Fujinon distributors in Europe with sales & after-sales experience to match. After decades working with the premiere broadcasters in the UK and Ireland we offer that experience to our customers to ensure the correct cost effective lens solutions for your particular project.

Pyser-SGI Limited supply CCTV and machine vision lenses with a strong emphasis on long range surveillance and quality led machine vision systems.

TVLogic HD/SD LCD monitors for broadcast and video have built a strong reputation in both production & post production environments. With fast response times for view finder monitors and precision colour calibration for post production including grading, large monitors for use with multi-viewers & video walls there is a TVLogic monitor for your needs. TVLogic is one of the leading suppliers of HD-LCD monitors, & lead the way with OLED displays, 3D screens & now 4K monitors.

Porta-Brace cases for professional broadcast production equipment. This is a quality product made by craftsmen in Vermont. One of the largest ranges of soft bags & cases to carry & protect your video & associated production equipment. This is complemented by the Vault case range of robust resin cases. With a range of sizes & internal fitting options these are lighter than other cases of this type but just as strong.

Technical Support and After Sales Service

Our service and technical departments provide first class support for customers who may require information or need to have their products serviced or repaired.

We service all of the products that the company sells.

For resale products, our technicians receive factory training, and use proprietary spare parts from our suppliers to ensure our customers are professionally served.

As with all aspects of the company’s business, our service facilities are fully accredited to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.


Our marketing department is fully equipped to deal with the marketing function, utilising up to date computer technology and software. The department is responsible for the web site, placement of advertising, design and production of all leaflets and catalogues, press relations, and exhibition bookings for all divisions within the Pyser-SGI group.

The Future

Pyser-SGI Limited has enjoyed a consistently strong growth record and we are committed to continuous intensive new product development to ensure that we meet and exceed our customers’ expectations for state of the art cutting edge products for their requirements now and in the future. The company is equally committed to further business development by organic growth, as well as by acquisition.