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Quality cine zoom lenses to ARRI Media

Pyser-SGI supplies Fujinon PL mount Premier Series high quality cine zoom lenses

to ARRI Media for immediate rental.

UK/Ireland distributor Pyser-SGI Limited has supplied Fujinon Premier Series 35 mm PL mount HK4.7x18 and HK5.3x75 lenses to ARRI Media to meet customer demands for cine lenses which fulfil most shooting requirements of directors engaged in the digital and film cinema motion picture industry.

Delivered and already out on long term rental, the Fujinon Premier PL Series HK4.7x18 (18-85 mm) and HK5.3x75 (75-400 mm) lenses are designed for 35 mm format cameras and provide the ultimate in optical performance and cost efficiency previously unavailable in a family of PL mount zooms.

Commenting on the order, an ARRI Media spokesman, said: “These very high quality Fujinon cine zoom lenses are now recognised and requested by an increasing number of directors of photography and are in demand for rental, particularly coupled with our extensive range of ARRI ALEXA cameras. They are a welcome addition to our inventory.”

Fujinon HK4.7x18 medium wide angle zoom.

Using Fujinon’s unique ‘floating’ method, aberrations and focus breathing are suppressed throughout the zoom range, with both high index and special low dispersion glass materials being used in combination with special optical coatings. Offering very high resolution and constant T-No through the zoom range, the lenses have excellent colour matching and utilise new 9-blade iris mechanisms to provide more natural out of focus images. Designed-in temperature shift control for flange back is achieved by careful selection of materials, and the lenses are equipped with a unique new mechanism to replace the lens mount for users seeking best performance with both film and digital cameras. 

Between them, the two PL mount lenses supplied by Pyser-SGI cover an impressive focal length range from 18 mm to a telephoto 400 mm. The HK4.7x18 is a medium wide angle zoom with a focal length from 18 to 85 mm and a constant T-No of 1:2.0 over the range. MOD is 0.71 m and weight is just 6.9 kg. The HK5.3x75 a telephoto lens with a focal length from 75 to 400 mm and a T-No of 1:2.8 up to 270 mm focal length. MOD is 2 m and weight is 8.9 kg.

Fujinon’s Premier Series PL mount cine zoom lenses

Fujinon’s Premier Series 35 mm PL mount high resolution lenses offer a T-No, focal length range and optical performance previously unattainable in PL mount zooms.

Comprising four lenses with focal lengths ranging from a very wide angle 14.5 mm to telephoto 400 mm, the Premier Series HK lenses provide the highest optical performance with both film and digital cameras.