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Fujinon CCTV, Machine Vision and Security Lenses


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Pyser-SGI Limited are the principal UK/Ireland distributor of the Fujinon range of CCTV and Machine Vision lenses. Synonymous with quality optics for many years we are proud to be associated with this prestigious product line.

The Fujinon range is the most comprehensive from any manufacturer, and has products for all of the commmon image format sensors. Covering exteme range surveillance right down to small fixed focal length lenses.

Recent additions include 3 Mega-pixel vari-focal and 1.5 Mega-pixel zoom lenses for the latest IP cameras, as well as 1.5 and 5 Mega-pixel resolution fixed lenses for fish-eye and machine vision applications offering stunning optical performance in excess of HDTV resolutions. 

Fujinon's large range of zoom lenses for both day and day-night uses, include the very popular D60x12.5 lens series, offering focal lengths up to 1,500mm in a small package, and even a new model with IR high pass filtering which dramatically increases visibility through smog.

Long range telephoto lenses are also available with 55x magnification or greater for specialist applications.

The Broadcast & CCTV division has a wealth of experience in electro-optical systems for a wide variety of applications, and can offer technical advice on lens choice and systems integration help for any given application. Our advice is free.