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Fujinon HD/SD Broadcast, Cine and Professional Lenses

Pyser-SGI Limited has been a distributor of Fujinon products for the UK and Ireland for nearly 40 years. Our long partnership with Fujifilm Corporation has always been founded on our mutual concern with meeting customers needs and providing the best products and long term support for their production requirements.

Fujinon has for many years pioneered excellence in optical design and manufacturing, internationally renowned as one of the world’s leading innovators in the field of optical systems. They hold many world patents and have received numerous internationally recognised awards. Fujinon also designs and manufactures the majority of optical beam splitters used in modern 3-CCD video cameras.

A pioneer of "green" manufacturing processes, Fujifilm is certified to ISO14001, for high standards in working on continual improvement of the environment. Also the company is ISO9001 Quality Assurance certified, and has for many years supplied products compliant with all known safety and environmental standards. Since the mid 1990s Fujinon ceased to use Lead (Pb) in glass materials, and from the inception of RoHS and WEEE compliance requirements, has provided only products and components that are fully in accord with current environmental standards.

Today Fujinon has a comprehensive product range of true excellence for virtually any application from Pro Video to Cine HDTV and 4K Production, incorporating many of the Fujinon innovations that have formed the foundation of modern optical systems. Stunning optics, fast quiet digital servos, a host of superb features and a full range of accessories and support equipment are characteristic of the Fujinon brand.

Pyser-SGI Limited offer our customers full pre and after sales support facilities for all of the Fujinon product ranges we supply.  The company has full technical service facilities, with factory trained technicians to maintain and repair all types of Fujinon CCTV and Broadcast lenses.

All Pyser-SGI activities are covered by our ISO9001:2008 Quality Assurance certification.