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ENG Lenses

Designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards of performance and operational demand, Fujinon has the widest range of HD Broadcast lenses for TV production.

Using Fujinon's exclusive GO-Technology optical design and world renowned expertise in optical manufacturing and testing, the Fujinon line up is second to none for 2/3 inch CCD HD cameras.

The HA Premier series are designed to compliment and enhance the quality of HDTV systems, with the longest focal lengths, widest angles of view and built-in range extenders as standard.  The ZA Select series are designed to meet the high performance needs of the next generation of cost effective high performance HD camera systems.  Fujinon's eXceed series lenses compliments a new generation of cost effective HD cameras.

Every Fujinon HA, ZA and eXceed series HD Broadcast ENG lenses has Fujinon's reliable Digi-Power Digital Servo unit fitted to provide smooth controllable zoom and iris control. Optionally this can be supplied with built-in Focus servo, which alleviates the need for additional servo modules when working on a tripod with pan bar controls. Less to carry and less to rig.

Larger models such as the HA42x have Fujinon's built-in OS-TECH image stabiliser and come with focus servo built-in as standard.

A full range of accessories is available including Shot Box, analogue or digital zoom and focus controls, and an extensive range of optical adaptors and filters.

A 16-bit encoder is now standard all the HA & ZA series lenses using the Digi-Power servo unit. This allows for simple interface to VR and robotic applications if required