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Piggin Strings & Cable Binders

PIGGIN' STRINGS are velcro straps supplied with a clip that can be used to "Hog Tie" cables to the outside of cases, or used for binding to the legs of tripods or lightstands, or securing fishpole mics to the case for transport.

CABLE BINDERS are held onto the cable by an elastic strap. The elastic secures the binder to the cable while allowing it to be moved to another location or another cable. Since the binder is always attached to the cable, it is easy to bind a neat coil of cable.


Cable Binders are supplied Colour Coded for the easy identification of coils.



Piggin Strings & Cable Binders

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250 piggin strings


8" Velcro Cable Binders (set of 4)...
250 piggin strings9


10" Velcro Cable Binders (set of 4)...
ps 6


Velcro Cable Wrap with snap hook, 6"...
250 cable binders5


Tripod wrap, 24" Set


6" Velcro Cable Binders (set of 4)...