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Side Kit (with Porta-Brace Logo on tools)

SIDE KIT A personalized mini tool kit  for  videographers. This kit is carried on the belt and contains a carefully  selected collection of small tools. The tools are for those everyday jobs that require a tweak or a cut, a twist or a look. The kit fits snugly against  your body and each tool can be extracted from the kit with a lift of the hand. Porta-Bracer logo on each tool. The kits all have an extra pocket that can hold a beeper, pager or something similar in size. The top flap rolls  up (out of the way) or fastens over the tools, keeping them in place.

Side Kit (with Porta-Brace Logo on tools)

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Includes belt pouch, Super Leatherman...

Pouch only

Fits Super Leatherman & Wave, Gerber,...