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TV-Logic LCD/OLED Multi-Format Monitors

TV-Logic Multi-Format HD/SD LCD & OLED video monitors offer the performance and operability expected of displays in modern broadcast, film and editing systems. Supporting HD-SDI signals including 3G formats, SD-SDI, DVI and HDMI formats, and also offering professional display of analogue component and composite video formats, the range boasts impressive user features and specifications.

TV Logic monitors all feature easy to use on-screen-menus for adjustment of all standard parameters such as aspect ratio, brightness, contrast etc. and many features not found on other display monitors. A wide range of safe area and other markers is in-built together with all the features one might need - audio de-embedding, audio level displays, dynamic UMD, CC decoding, timecode display and many more. Functions are accessed from the front panel by illuminated switches.

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TV-Logic HD monitors offer industry leading performance and value for almost any application.