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LQM Series HD Quad-Split Monitors

TV-Logic's Quad-Split line up offers superior picture quality using their industry leading video processing and first class automatic alignment interface, which is compatible with the entire TV-Logic LCD product range.

The LQM series have easy to use controls making common functions accessible from a single button on the front panel.

Using 4 processing engines the LQM series obviates the need for external signal splitting devices, and by using only high quality single LCD panels, provides quad signal monitoring without the need of multiple display devices.

Each model is packed with features for use in studio or OB vehicle, including Tallies, UMD, de-embedded audio with bar graph on-screen displays, and built in Waveform and Vector displays. Both 17" and 24" Monitors can be remote controlled by RS422 or GPI too.

All LQM series monitors support TV-Logic's Auto Colour Alignment system for setting up of accurate and repeatable colorimetry. Optional rack mounts are also available.