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Small Arms Collimators


The Pyser-SGI range of Small Arms Collimators (SACs) is the product of years of experience with defence and security forces the world over. The increasing use of rapid deployment forces and increasing legal framework in which soldiers now operate means that systems are needed to give soldiers the ability to zero, check zero or re-zero and validate their weapons at any time or place with no live firing. SACs improve operational capability and optimise the full use of training resources. The unique, operationally proven design allows all weapon users to maintain complete operational readiness when deployed, providing all personnel with total confidence in their weapon and sighting systems.


SACs are extremely accurate and provide the end user with a high degree of repeatability. The design concept provides dedicated SACs tuned to the exact operational requirements of the user. Each collimator is factory calibrated to the operational zeroing range and ballistic characteristics of the user’s ammunition achieving a consistency of accuracy of ± 0.15mil (± 1.5cm at 100 metres) to ± 0.25mil (± 2.5cm at 100 metres) dependent upon weapon type. The rugged design has been proven to give years of trouble free and reliable service, requiring little maintenance with very low through life costs.


Pyser-SGI Small Arms Collimators:


  • Are passive and use no batteries or lasers
  • Do not need a master weapon to be zeroed
  • Need no down-range target
  • Give an immediate, usable zero and a highly accurate personal zero
  • Need no adjustments
  • Have no moving parts

SACs are now in service in more than 30 countries worldwide and are used by Special Forces, Infantry, Naval and Air Force personnel. In addition to military forces the Pyser-SGI SAC is in service with numerous Counter Terrorist Units and Police Tactical Firearms Teams.


SACs are available for all/any weapons from 4.7mm to 40mm calibre using iron sights, day optical sights and Image Intensified night vision sights, laser pointers (patented) and thermal imaging sights (patented).


The Pyser-SGI range of Small Arms Collimators should be the "must have" choice for any current or Future Infantry Soldier Technologies Programme