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Optical Slits on Glass


High optical density opaque chrome on optical quality glass discs

Photo-etched in chrome on optical glass. Allows manufacture of longer and more complex slits than typical foil type slits.

Chrome coating is applied to substrate, providing an opaque layer with high optical density (typically OD4+).

Suitable for applications such as, spectrometer entrance / exit slits or in imaging alignment.

Some frequency transmission limitations may be imposed by substratea. So as well as construction on standard optical substrates such as Crown B270, soda lime or green float glass, alternative other optical glasses, such as BK7, Sapphire, Quartz and Fused Silica, can be provided upon request

Many other slit/aperture sizes and pattern types are available to your custom design – please enquire.




Optical Slits on Glass

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5µm Metal Filter Slit - LG5

Opaque chrome on B270 Glass Clear Slit...
lg med sml

10µm Metal Filter Slit - LG10

Opaque chrome on B270 Glass Clear Slit...
lg wide sml

25µm Metal Filter Slit - LG25

Opaque chrome on B270 Glass Clear Slit...