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Howard Cell

The Pyser-SGI S60 Howard Cell and associated K20 Cover Glass, is used world wide for mould counting in food quality control applications, such as tomato products and other fruit based preparations.

Pyser-SGI’s improved Howard Cell is based on the method originally developed by B.J. Howard in 1911, primarily for the purpose of monitoring tomato products, using a microscope.

The special S60 Howard Cell chamber slide in conjunction with the K20 Cover Glass is designed to count mould mycelia.

The S60 Howard Cell is a glass slide 76mm x 35mm with a central circular island and is used for counting mould fibres and spores in fruit juices especially from tomatoes. With the K20 cover glass in place a 0.1mm thickness of liquid is contained over the central island.

The cover glass has 25 calibrated fields of 1.382mm diameter through which to view the particles.

This cover glass removes the necessity of precise adjustment of the microscope magnification and calibration of a special eyepiece reticle in the original Howard Method, making it suitable for use with a modern zoom stereo microscope as well as a conventional compound microscope.

Note: The complete system requires both the cell itself and cover glass. The cell does not come with a cover glass and one must be ordered separately. We recommend ordering one or two extra cover glasses, this way there is always going to be one in reserve.

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Howard Cell

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