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Sedgewick Rafter Cell

NEW: S53 Plain Sedgewick Rafter counting chamber - Glass (without grid markings). Ideal for APHA methods or where large plankton are being analysed.

The Pyser-SGI S50 & S52 Sedgewick Rafter Cells are Sedgwick-Rafter counting chambers used widely in water analysis, culture inspection and for other applications where particles per unit volume in fluid must be determined. The cells have also been used for in vitro fertilisation studies.

Pyser-SGI’s Sedgewick-Rafters are available in glass and plastic versions. The glass cell is designed for repeated cleaning and re-use, whereas the plastic version is designed for either a single or finite use only. Each chamber is supplied with one type S51 cover glass.

The Sedgwick-Rafter Chambers consists of a 2mm thick clear base slide (75 x 40 mm), onto which has been built a rectangular chamber. On to the top of this chamber is placed a cover slip.

This chamber is 50mm long x 20mm wide and 1mm deep and its base is marked with a grid of one thousand 1mm squares. When filled with liquid and with a cover glass placed over the chamber, a 1ml volume of liquid is trapped.

When used under a low magnification light microscope, each of the grid squares equates to 1microlitre (μl) of liquid.

Note: Over the years the name of these slides has been incorrectly spelt as Sedgewick Rafter. The original methods were developed by William Thompson Sedgwick and George W. Rafter, so the true spelling should be Sedgwick Rafter.

Technical Data Sheet

How to use a Sedgewick Rafter Chamber (Video)


Sedgewick Rafter Cell

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