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General Information

Pyser-SGI Limited (were Graticules Ltd) has been manufacturing specimen support grids for electron microscopes for over 50 years using the extensive knowledge of processes and techniques gained from their micropattern production. Pyser grids are recognised the world over for their superior quality.

In 1994 Pyser took over the production of grids made in Holland by Brandsma BV (Known as Embra grids) and as a result offer a wide range of grids in a variety of metals and finishes to meet the majority of requirements.

More recently Pyser has introduced carbon coated grids as well as a Value range for large volume users.

Pyser grids are available throughout the world from laboratory and electron microscopy accessory suppliers or direct from our factory.

Our extensive range includes:

  • Square mesh grids
  • Parallel line grids
  • Parallel line grids with central dividing bar
  • Slotted mesh grids
  • Folding grids
  • Hexagonal grids
  • Solid/slot grids
  • Finder grids
  • Freeze fracture grids
  • Reference pattern grids
  • Co-ordinate grids
  • Various specialist patterns

Copper, nickel and gold grids are all produced using electroforming processes to give well-defined patterns and consistent quality. Aluminium, stainless steel, molybdenum and titanium use an etching process.

All grids are supplied in anti-static vials. Vial quantity of 100 pieces, except for:-

Etched grids in aluminium, molybdenum, stainless steel, Embra gold and titanium, which are in vials of 25 pieces. The etched grids can easily be identified in the following section by GG, GM, GT, GA & GS appearing in the bracketed old part reference, i.e. [1GT75].

Value range of grids, which are supplied in vials of 120 pieces, in copper and nickel.

Carbon coated grids, which are supplied in indexed grid boxes of 50 pieces and supplied with index card.

Maxta or Maxtaform grids are defined by an H, HF or HR prefix and all have an 03D….. order code.

Apart from grids coated on one side with rhodium to prevent tarnishing, all grids in copper, nickel and gold are matt on one side, bright on the other side.

All Maxta/Maxtaform grids have a smooth surface (shiny finish) and an outer ring (frame) of 250-300µ.

All Embra grids have a rough surface (matt finish) and an outer ring (frame) of 350-400µ.

Every grid manufactured by Pyser is individually inspected under a minimum of x25 magnification and packed in anti-static vials. The only exception are the Value range, which are sample inspected

All patterns are supplied as 3.05mm diameter grids. We are also able to supply 2.3mm grids to special order.

All grids are approximately 15-25 micron thickness, with the exception of stainless steel which is 12µ and titanium which is 15µ.

In the following sections you will note that cross-references are given to relate the order code i.e. 07D00901 to the old part references i.e. [1GC50].

Please note that specifications given for etched grids in titanium, molybdenum, aluminium and stainless steel are given for guidance only as small variations can occur.

Central Indexing Marks

All grids with a reference starting 1G and our Value range have a central reference mark, HF and HR patterns do not.

Reference and Finder Grids.

Pyser were the first company to introduce referenced graticules for light microscopy and the first to make finder grids for the electron microscopist. Location of points of interest in a specimen and quick relocation is of vital importance in many investigations and with the high magnifications used in transmission electron microscopy this can be very tedious. Finder grids have been designed to assist in this task and there are today many types to choose from. We list those that have proved to be most popular.

Handled Grids.

By bending the handle upward the grid can be gripped by fine tweezers without the latter touching the specimen or any liquids. The grid can be placed over or underneath the specimen without surface tension causing the grid to slide up wetted tweezers. Grids can be held by their tab for spraying, rinsing and drying. The handle is also angled to assist in the alignment of the grid bars parallel to the axes of the stage.

Carbon Coated Grids

Pyser-SGI has a standard range of plain mesh grids with carbon coating. Additionally many of our other grids can be supplied with this coating to special order.


SEM’s often require finder grids to place on pin stubs to assist in locating specimens of interest. These are generally 12mm diameter and we can offer standard products or custom made patterns to suit your exact requirements.


Pyser are able to manufacture grids to your exact requirements. Just send in your specification detailing the pattern, bar thickness, material and quantity and we will provide a quotation


Information Layout

All EM grids in the following section are listed in the same format. This is an example of the information given:-


PLAIN MESH GRIDS Section heading

The size of type of grid        Old part reference         Order code

/Material of construction

50 mesh                         Old Ref.              New Order Code

Copper                            [1GCE50]              07D00901