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New Plain Sedgewick Rafter Counting Chamber


For many applications, particularly where larger plankton are being analysed, there is no requirement for a counting grid printed onto the slide, hence the introduction of this slide with a plain glass base. This chamber can be used with either upright or inverted microscopes.

The S53 can be used in conjunction with an eyepiece reticle, such as a Whipple grid (aka Whipple micrometer disc), where detailed counting/sizing is required. Pyser reference for Whipple grid is NE29.

The glass base is 76mm x 38mm x 2mm thick and the Stainless steel frame traps a cell volume of 1.0ml when the cover glass (supplied) is placed over it. The preparation and filling method is exactly the same as the S50 and S52 gridded chambers.

Pattern Description Order code

Sedgewick Rafter Plain Counting Chamber (glass), without grid pattern

Includes 1 cover glass