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New Plastic (Film) Reticles



In education applications in particular there are requirements for economically priced plastic reticles for use with magnifiers as a simple measuring tool, directly on the specimen or microscope stage, or in the ocular itself. The scale image is 10mm in length with 100 divisions of 0.1mm. The division lines at 0.5mm and 1mm are longer to enable measurements to be easily determined.

These plastic reticles are supplied on a strip of 5 reticle images with cut guides for 16mm, 19mm, 21mm and 24mm diameters, 2 strips are supplied in each pack, 10 reticles in total. Spacing allows up to 27mm diameters to be cut. The overall size of the plastic strip is 150mm x 30mm x 0.18mm thick.

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