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Reticles for Peak Magnifiers (Loupes)

Pyser-SGI is able to supply standard and custom-made reticles for Peak and other brand magnifiers.

The 7x Peak magnifier has a 26mm diameter reticle.
The 10x Peak magnifier has a 35mm diameter reticle.
The 15x Peak magnifier has a 26mm diameter reticle.

Most magnifiers of this type have a securing ring to hold the reticle in place. The diameter required is normally just the internal diameter of this ring.

All of our standard eyepiece reticle products and our magnifier reticles can be supplied for these products. Click on the words above to link through to those products.

We can also make reticles in different colours so that they show up better against dark or coloured backgrounds. White and red are common colours.

All products have their image on the bottom surface of the glass, so are right reading when installed in the magnifier. The image itself is created using vacuum deposited chrome to give a very robust, long lasting and high definition pattern.