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Microscope Eyepiece Reticles

With over 800 product lines, Pyser has the largest range of eyepiece reticle/graticule patterns of any manufacturer, most of which are available from stock, and in sizes to fit all microscopes and magnifiers. If the pattern or size you require is not shown then we have a very cost effective custom-make facility. The Technical Notes below provide information that may help with selcting the right reticle, if not please contact us.
If you need help in determining the diameter required to fit your eyepiece or fitting your reticle then Pyser offer a measuring and fitting service. Simply send your eyepiece to our Service Dept and we will check the diameter of reticle required and how it can be fitted. We then supply you with a quotation before going ahead and fitting the reticle.
Pyser-SGI has produced a brochure, several technical notes and an idiots guide to help you:-
Eyepiece Reticles 1.5 cm  How to size and fit an eypiece reticle Reticle Diameters for common Idiots guide eyepiece reticles Measurement with a Microscope
Custom Made Products

If the product that you need is not part of our standard product range please send us details of what you really want. We can then work together to find a solution that suits your application exactly. 

NEWS: New Film Reticles - ideal for schools and colleges, for use in the eyepiece or on the stage - click on Film Reticles box below.

NEWS: Pyser now offer 20.4mm (Olympus), 24.5mm (Leica) and 25mm (Nikon, Meiji) diameter reticles at standard prices - no need to pay a premium price for a special size

NEWS: Pyser now offer reticles for Peak  and others' magnifiers - click here for more information