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Specialist Designs

NG30 Matthews spray droplet sizing reticle
G23 Thomson pattern for dust analysis
NG52 Chalkley point array
G57 Pharmaceutical PSA pattern, IMA reticle  (European Pharmacopoeia, USP 788)
NG14 Soil analysis counting pattern (L G Briarty)
NG21 Lennox grain size analysis reticle
G48 Kotter pattern
G49, G47, G50 Henning Reseau & Zeiss pattern integrating eyepiece reticle
NEWS: Pyser now offer 20.4mm (Olympus), 24.5mm (Leica) and 25mm (Nikon, Meiji) diameter reticles at standard prices - no need to pay a premium price for a special size

Specialist Designs

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g30 med

NG30 Matthews Spray Droplet Sizing...

Eyepiece reticle with dots ranging from...
g23 med

G23 Thompson Reticle for Dust Analysis

Eyepiece reticle with squares and scale...
ng52 med

NG52 Chalkley Point Array

Eyepiece reticle with Chalkley Point...

G57 Pharmaceutical PSA Pattern, IMA...

Eyepiece reticle for particulate...
ng14 med

NG14 Counting Pattern

Eyepiece reticle for geological and...
ng21 med

NG21 Lennox Grain Size Reticle

Eyepiece reticle for Lennox grain size...

G48 Kotter Pattern

Eyepiece reticle with Kotter pattern...
g49 med

G49 Henning Reseau Pattern - Zeiss...

Eyepiece reticle with 25 points on 6...