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Optical Resolution Charts


Resolution charts, or test charts as they are often known provide a means of testing the quality of optics and optical systems. Most have a series of decreasing sized lines or shapes, all of which are identified, so that the optical quality can be specified. Ronchi rulings or lines gratings and grids complete this range of products.

MTF testing often requires 4-bar test charts and Pyser are able to offer them on glass and as metal foil apertures to your exact requirements. In recent times optical engineers have started to develop more complex patterns with more features and we can make these too.

Pyser also manufacture the test patterns for windscreen testing (DIN, BS, etc). See: windscreen testing slides, automotive glass analysis.

If you need these charts produced on different glass types we are able to do this, just ask for a quotation.

Resolution Charts and Gratings 50mm