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NEW: All of these Ronchi Rulings and Grid patterns are available on 12mm, 16mm and 25mm glass discs, 1.5mm thick - ideal for experimental work and optical benches. E-mail for more information.

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Vacuum deposited chrome on glass grid patterns in a variety of pitches. All supplied on 50mm x 50mm B270glass, 1.5mm thick, ruled over the entire surface.

* grid size in images below not to scale 


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squared grids-4_med

R1 Grid

Line Pitch 2mm
squared grids-4_med (1)

R2 Grid

Line Pitch 1mm
squared grids-4_med6

R3 Grid

Line pitch 0.5mm
squared grids-4_med4

R4 Grid

Line Pitch 0.25mm
squared grids-4_med7

R10 Grid

Line Pitch 0.1mm