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Stage Micrometers & Calibration Scales/Grids

Stage Micrometers and Calibration Standards

Pyser-SGI stage micrometers, calibration standards, long scales and grids are used all round the world for calibrating microscopes, imaging systems, co-ordinate measuring equipment and metrology instruments. Where customers have the need for traceability of their calibration, Pyser-SGI offer certificates of calibration, traceable to International standards, and re-calibrations of customers' own products. This means that UKAS and NPL calibrations offered by Pyser-SGI will satisfy the requirements of NIST, DIN, DKD, Cofrac, Accredia, NABL and all other National Metrology Institutes across the world, and provide compliance for ISO/IEC17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1. The ASTM B487 standard demands a calibration uncertainty of 0.2um for stage micrometers, we are pleased to offer calibration certificates from NPL that will satisfy this requirement.

All Pyser calibration products are produced to exacting standards with high resolution imaging to ensure well defined line edges, uniformity of line thickness and excellent pattern integrity. They should not be confused with lower quality products that are offered by many companies. These products are guaranteed to satisfy the requirements for traceable calibrations.

Pyser-SGI has produced a pdf brochure, a technical note on microscope calibration and an idiots guide to help you:- 

Stage Micrometers front of booklet Calibrating Microscopes with a Stage Micrometers web Idiots guide stage micrometers

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How to Calibrate a

Microscope with a

Stage Micrometer

Custom-Made Products.

If the product that you need is not part of our standard product range please send us details of what you really want. We can then work together to find a solution that suits your application exactly.