Pyser-SGI Limited


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Defence & Security

Pyser-SGI service and repair all the products manufactured in our Edenbridge factory, from thermal imaging equipment to our military & presentation compasses.

We have highly specific test and alignment equipment, which is used in the manufacture and service of all our products. Our highly trained technical staff use this to obtain maximum accuracy and performance for each product made.

Listed below are samples of the products we service and repair for NATO and non-NATO Armed Forces, Law Enforcement agencies and Special Forces throughout the world.

  • Night vision monoculars
  • Night/Day/ thermal vision cameras & systems
  • Night/Day thermal weapon sights
  • Image enhancement products
  • Small Arms Collimators
  • Plus Military stabilising binoculars & spotting scopes
  • Military & presentation compasses
  • Mini TIU3 thermal imaging cameras

Military & Presentation Compasses

Pyser-SGI offers a full service and alignment facility for all models we produce. They are serviced and repaired by our technicians to a very high standard, using only in-house manufactured parts.

Once completed these are then put through our environmental test chamber and a full calibration is carried out in our sighting room. Our compasses are calibrated to the three hemispheres, North, South and Equatorial. All compasses produced are calibrated to Admiralty traceable standards.

Military stabilising Binoculars & Spotting Scopes

Our technicians have many years’ experience, with servicing binoculars and spotting scopes. We offer a full repair, refurbishment and optical realignment to all our models sold. After each repair these are thoroughly tested to meet our exacting standards. They are then purged with dry Nitrogen for water proofing and sealing.

We also service and repair the Fujinon Gyro-stabilised day and day/night binocular as well as the Techno Stabi TS1440. Again we offer full refurbishment and optical realignment. Where necessary, we can set up the gyro assemblies electronically and we hold spare parts for all models.